1 Mayıs 2015 Cuma

EPA Talk of Dr. Osman Sabuncuoglu

*Dear Collagues,
I am going to present you my study which aimed to explore the relationship between maternal thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy and same-sex attraction/gender nonconformity in the offspring.
*Although same-sex attraction is not a psychiatric disorder, both youngsters and adults with same-sex attraction are at greater risk for negative health outcomes.
*It is accepted that early biological events generated by genes and prenatal sex hormones determine an individual’s sexual orientation.
*However, despite mounting efforts, a satisfactory conclusion has not been reached and there is a need to explore alternate factors like functioning of thyroid system during pregnancy.
*We believe that, besides fostering greater tolerance of homosexuality on behalf of society, clinicians are required to prevent negative health outcomes associated with it which may be better addressed by understanding the roots of homosexual behavior.
 *This retrospective chart review was undertaken of 790 eligible children and adolescents who had been admitted to child psychiatry between 2005 and 2013.
*This population consisted of 520 (65%) males and 270 (35%) females, aged 8 to17 years.
*Certain children were not included. 
*What we found was fifteen mothers (1.8%) having a history of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy and Sixteen youngsters (2%) having a history of same-sex attraction/gender nonconformity.
*Twelve overlapping cases were identified, which was extremely significant.  Clinical features can be seen in Table 1. Comparisons can be seen in Figure 1.
*The association was also significant for each sex.
*As conclusion, it is possible to say that, thyroid gland and its hormones play a crucial role in determining sexual orientation in people.
*Maternal thyroid dysfunctions during pregnancy may result in homosexual orientation in the offspring.
*We have collateral evidences in 2 studies only, before.
*This study is the only one that explored this association with a focused objective and found positive results. Thus, I propose the prenatal thyroid model to explain the causality of homosexuality.
*For a variety of reasons, this link remained undetected; please refer to the poster or article for a full discussion of this matter.
* Either present before pregnancy or developed afterwards, thyroid diseases may result in diminished supply of thyroid hormones which are crucial for optimal brain development. Developing brain areas, which will be responsible for determining heterosexual orientation remain undifferentiated without the influence of essential thyroid hormones.
*More clinical and research attention is required.
* There is a real need to review all relevant cultural, legal, political and even historical aspects of the topic from the medical standpoint explained in this study. It is only with the rule of science and knowledge that certain misconceptions and misperceptions will be cleared up and humankind will benefit.