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EPA Abstract has been published at Dr. Osman Sabuncuoglu's Researchgate page


23rd European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2015) Presentation Abstract and Poster Head



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A scientific explanation for homosexual behavior has been proposed by Associate Professor Osman Sabuncuoglu at the European Psychiatry Congress (EPA), Wien, 28-31March2015.
In that presentation, Dr. Osman Sabuncuoglu, who is a child and adolescent psychiatrist practising in Turkey, reported his data about children and youngsters having gender nonconfomity and same-sex attraction. Dr. Sabuncuoglu pointed out that mothers who had thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to offspring who would display homosexual behavior in time.
Reporting on 12 cases with similar patterns, Dr. Sabuncuoglu apparently positioned his model at a very distant point from existing models of homosexuality. Below, you can see the abstract of Dr. Sabuncuoglu’s talk and poster at the EPA congress, which has been published in a supplement to the journal, European Psychiatry.
A full text article will be published soon which will manifest Dr. Sabuncuoglu’s theory in detail.
Thus, this blog is meant to serve as a contact center for Dr. Sabuncuoglu’s scientific model all over the World. 
So, it does not matter whether you are a world citizen, a clinician or a researcher, if you feel yourself interested in any way with this topic please feel free yourself to contact and write to this blog. All communications will be kept confidential and will be responded back.
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Osman Sabuncuoglu, 
MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
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